Zorbium™ (buprenorphine transdermal solution) for Cats

Caring for your cat at home following surgery can be worrisome. Your cat may hide their pain, and giving them pain medication at home can be concerning. Zorbium helps control your cat's pain for four days following surgery for at-home comfort.

Zorbium should only be administered by veterinary personnel and is not to be dispensed for administration at home by the pet owner.

Before using ZORBIUM (buprenorphine transdermal solution), read the entire package insert including the Boxed Human Warning. Click here for full prescribing information. 

Why talk to your veterinarian about Zorbium?

  • Green icon – cat stretching

    Specifically for cats

  • Green icon – cat getting pain medicine applied topically

    Only applied topically to the back of the neck in the clinic

  • Green icon – timer with arrow pointing around, going clockwise

    Dries rapidly in 30 minutes

  • Green icon – calendar date with 4 on it

    Works for four days after a single dose

Zorbium is only available in the clinic — ask your vet for more information

Other ways to help your cat stay comfortable at home after surgery

Cat sitting on table relaxed, while vet is checking the cats heartbeat

Refer to your vet's discharge instructions*

• Every surgery is different

• Instructions might not be the same as last time

• Review special care instructions

• Tips and tricks to help make your cat’s recovery easier for both of you

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ZORBIUM is indicated for the control of postoperative pain associated with surgical procedures in cats.

Important Safety Information

ZORBIUM is not for use in humans. ZORBIUM contains buprenorphine, an opioid that exposes humans to risks of misuse, abuse and addiction, which can lead to overdose and death. Use of buprenorphine may lead to physical dependence. Serious, life-threatening or fatal respiratory depression may occur with accidental exposure to or with misuse or abuse of ZORBIUM. Accidental exposure to even one tube of ZORBIUM, especially in children, can result in a fatal overdose.

ZORBIUM is for topical application in cats only, and is applied by veterinary personnel 1 to 2 hours before surgery. Following application to the cat, your veterinarian will need to allow a minimum drying time of 30 minutes before direct contact with the application site.

ZORBIUM is not to be applied on cats with a known allergy to buprenorphine hydrochloride, any other ingredients of ZORBIUM, or intolerance to opioids. ZORBIUM is not to be applied if the application site at the dorsal cervical area has diseased or injured skin, or to any other area on the cat’s body. Your veterinarian should monitor your cat during and after surgery for changes in body temperature. The safe use of ZORBIUM has not been evaluated in debilitated cats, those with kidney, liver, heart or respiratory disease, those that are pregnant, lactating or breeding, in cats younger than four months old, or in cats < 2.6 lbs. or > 16.5 lbs. Most common adverse reactions during anesthesia were hypothermia, hypotension and hypertension, and after anesthetic recovery were hypothermia, hyperthermia and sedation.