Seresto® Flea And Tick Collar

Seresto® effectively kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact — no biting required. Plus, it works for 8 continuous months, saving you from the hassle of monthly topicals or orals.

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Flea and tick prevention, reinvented

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    Kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact — so they don’t have to bite to die

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    Stays effective for 8 continuous months

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    One non-greasy, odorless collar instead of messy monthly treatments

  • Water-resistant* — no need to remove it before swimming or bathing

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Seresto® is rigorously regulated worldwide with your pet in mind.

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Seresto, Elanco and the diagonal bar logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates.

Seresto® is protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,910,122.

*Seresto® is water-resistant and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for 8 months. In order to maintain an eight-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to 5 months for flea control and reduced to 7 months for tick control.

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Date of review August 2022

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